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(8-pack) Small Hq Ceiling Speakers Contractor Bulk Pro-spkrs (8x)

(8-pack) Small Hq Ceiling Speakers Contractor Bulk Pro-spkrs (8x)

(8-pack) Small Hq Ceiling Speakers Contractor Bulk Pro-spkrs (8x)    (8-pack) Small Hq Ceiling Speakers Contractor Bulk Pro-spkrs (8x)

We sell the top 3 models of brand new in-ceiling speakers plus a few others. This listing is the most popular wholehouse audio speaker choice: They're compact yet sound great! View other models in Our Guide.

THIS LISTING IS FOR AN 8-PACK OF THESE COMPACT HI-QUALITY SPEAKERS. Scroll Down for Detailed Photos COMPACT 6 1/2 INCH HI-QUALITY IN-CEILING or wall SPEAKERS (smallest size without sacrificing sound quality: 6.5" woofer & 1/2" tweeter) BRAND NEW PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER GRADE. Pack of 8 of Class-A Version of Pyle61 series. This 8-pack of COMPACT size ceiling speakers can be used for standard stereo sound / wholehouse audio, OR for home theater applications. Of the 114 models we carry, this model is our most popular choice for wholehouse audio, home theater, and commercial sound applications. It's the smallest speaker we sell that still reproduces excellent sound. Its 8-ohm impedance and full range specifications make it compatible with virtually all receivers and optional subwoofers. It simply cannot be beat by anything remotely in its price range.

Best Wholehouse Choice - see MANY PHOTOS below. EACH of 8 Spkr's SPECS : · Color: Brightest White · Style: Round Flush Mount · 8 Ohm (can wire 2 per chan if desired) · 100 watts RMS, 200 watt Max (each) · Mica Cone Rubber Edge Woofer · Ferrite Magnet · 1/2 " Directional Dome Tweeter · Response: 70 - 20k Hz · Hardware Needed: None · Cut-out dimensions: 7 7/8" (four cardboard templates included) · Depth: 2 3/4 (fits anywhere).

WE KNOW SPEAKERS : We've been in the professional Home theater Installation business for 30 years, and have been a speaker wholesaler for the past 10. We know speakers, and currently use only three different models of speakers for 90% of all our home theater and home stereo installations. These particular 6 1/2 in-ceiling speakers are the best choice for wholehouse audio installations.

After installed this model's total footprint on the ceiling is about 8. It features a 6.5" woofer, not like many other 6.5" advertised speakers which use a smaller 5 woofer. A 6.5 woofer should be the smallest size to maintain a great low end.

This unit does not disappoint! These EIGHT compact Hi-Quality 6 1/2 INCH speakers have a remarkable sound normally only found in much larger units. For stereo applications there is NO NEED even for a subwoofer, as these units can reproduce a surprisingly low bottom end - in our showroom we actually shake the floor below, without a subwoofer. The bottom end of these go to 70Hz.

On the other hand, the 1/2 Mylar Dome Tweeter, which can be aimed directly towards the primary seating area, reproduce very clear highs and can take quite a bit of power. For home theater applications many installers recommend using a separate CENTER channel speaker, different from the left, right and rear speakers. This is because the center channel speaker must be of excellent quality as it reproduces the main vocals. Also, because these units are 8-ohm loads, you can wire two speakers on to each channel without overloading a receiver.

This is useful since it is highly recommended that four speakers be installed into each room to eliminate hotspots. With less than four speakers in an average room with a. These units after installed, are about 8 and blend in very well with recessed lighting units since they're the same size. TO OPEN OUR CEILING SPEAKER TIPS GUIDE IN A NEW WINDOW Which of our ceiling speakers is right for your needs Wiring speaker configuration tips & tricks Speaker placement tips for ideal home theater & stereo sound Installation tips and other FAQ.

So it's nice to know that if you ever do need to replace "one speaker", we sell these individually and always keep thousands in stock. If you read our feedback you'll see that we truly care about our customers. The Easiest I nstallation : These speakers could not be easier to install. Use the heavy 7 7/8 cardboard template circle (we include 4 with your order), to make a circle on the the ceiling. Then cut the hole and run the wire.

Then put the speaker in the hole, and tighten the attached screws. Four thick wings on the back of the speaker (see the photos below) fly out and securely hold the unit in place and prevent the unit from vibrating or moving in anyway. The lip of the speakers (see the photos below) is extra wide to cover any imperfections in your cutting.

Then snap on the included white grill and you're done. Since these are 8-ohms, you can use 18 gauge wire for runs. Don't need 8 of these?

SCROLL DOWN FOR THE PHOTO SET -- Not sure if these 8 speakers are right for you? Want to talk with an engineer here? WHY TRUST US WITH YOUR ORDER - IS THIS RIGHT FOR YOU?

Since 1986 we have been designing, installing & servicing home and commercial audio installations, power & automation control systems, security, camera systems(CCTV) and more. Then 10 years later in 1996, we started our wholesale dept. Which supplies dealers and installation companies nationwide with the field-tested products we've been using for our own installations, many which were designed by our own engineering team. WE DO THE TEST WORK FOR OUR CUSTOMERS : We've tested hundreds of products, not just on the workbench, but in the field.

We made the mistakes using the wrong products so you don't have to. We only sell those items which we know perform well and are easy to install. We know every product we sell, inside and out, from manufacturing and design, to installation and application. If you are unsure what you need for your application, give us a call. You'll be connected with someone who's been in the installation field for decades and can intelligently answer ANY question you may have.

We're owned and operated by Occasions Music, a Christian based company, and so strive to be the absolute best in customer service, treating each of our customers as we would our own family. To watch PRODUCT VIDEO in a new window How are you planning on controlling these 8 speakers? We sell a desktop speaker control unit that handles up to 24 of these speakers, and lets you run them all from one single standard low-cost stereo receiver designed to run just two speakers!

The control features 6 individual volume controls to separate the house/building into 6 zones, and supports two different receivers (if you want), so you can play different music in different areas (each of the 6 volume controls has an A/B source input switch). We also have an in-wall volume control solution that allows you to control each room's speakers from that room.

It allows you to control more than 10 different rooms (that's 40 speakers) all from one single standard low-cost stereo receiver designed to run just two speakers! As these are 8-ohm units, you can do that! Of course along with speaker wire and other accessories. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\TV, Video & Home Audio\Home Audio\Home Speakers & Subwoofers". The seller is "bizz-tech" and is located in this country: US.

This item can be shipped to United States, Canada.

  • Brand: Ceiling/Wall
  • Form Factor: In-Ceiling/In-Wall
  • Connectivity: Wired, Push Terminals
  • RMS Power: 100W (each)
  • Type: In-Wall, Ceiling
  • Color: White
  • Model: CLASS-A Version Pyle61 Series
  • Sound Quality: High Fidelity (Hi-Fi)
  • Manufacturer Color: White
  • System Configuration: Either Stereo L/R or Surround
  • Shape: Round
  • Surround Sound: All Types Supported (5.1, 7.1, etc.

  • Speaker Design: 2-way
  • Modified Item: Yes
  • Modification Description: Individually Tested & Inspected as Commercial Quality (Class-A).
    (8-pack) Small Hq Ceiling Speakers Contractor Bulk Pro-spkrs (8x)    (8-pack) Small Hq Ceiling Speakers Contractor Bulk Pro-spkrs (8x)