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M1-S Pro 2000M Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmet Headset 8 Riders Interphone

M1-S Pro 2000M Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmet Headset 8 Riders Interphone

M1-S Pro 2000M Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmet Headset 8 Riders Interphone    M1-S Pro 2000M Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmet Headset 8 Riders Interphone
Fodsports is committed to Bluetooth walkie-talkies for motorcycle riders, and has won the recognition and support of consumers with high-end product technology and considerate after-sales service. Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom has multiple riders at the same time for remote intercom communication, large-capacity battery to maintain stable communication, waterproof, noise-reduction and high-quality music enjoyment, designed for every customer, and bring you a good shopping experience. Multi Intercom Bluetooth Helmet Headset Waterproof BT Interphone. Driving, Skiing, Kartin, ATV, UTV ect.

Soft + Hard Mic Include, fit for all kind of helmet. M1-S PRO intercom maximum communication distance of the group is about. The maximum effective communication distance between two bicycles is about. Both can speak with clear sound quality. >>Full duplex 8 Riders Group talking with self-healing technology.

Full duplex call for group motorcycle headsets system. Support 8 people simultaneous call (6 people have best performance). With M1-S headsets, you can ensure. Security and convenience, listen to music. Routes, and receive voice commands wirelessly via Bluetooth, let you enjoy racing fun.

If one rider leaves group less than 5 minuts, can rejoin riding group seamlessly. If more than 5 minuts, just one-button to rejoin and stay connection easily. This helmet headset intercom uses. High quality full-range membrane monomer.

Reduces noise for both incoming and outgoing audio. It can easily be installed in various narrow liner spaces. Compared to the speakers of other motorcycle headsets, the M1-S has a higher definition. Sound quality, especially for the bass has a high reproducibility. Since the microphone of motorcycle bluetooth headset has a CSR chip, ambient noise such as wind noise and engine noise are not annoying.

The voice quality is not affected even at high speeds. Moreover, it is waterproof and dustproof, can be used in any weather conditions. The motorcycle helmet communication with. Rechargeable battery, Standby Up to One Week.

The duration of the call can be up to 12 hours and the intercom can last up to 10 hours. Hard mic cable and soft mic cable. In package, Suitable for all kinds of helmets. You can choose the hard mic for open face helmet, and soft mic for full face helmet. >>Power detection function, low power notification. Recorded voice message will remind you: Power over 90%, power over 50%, power below 50%, power below 10% please charge immediately. Can be used while charging to ensure long-distance travel.

M1-S is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 version, it support 2/3 cellphones to connect at the same time, make/answer/refuse calls, Voice dail and redail last number, voice command. 2.5mm to 3.5mm Aux. In wire connecting to other device without bluetooth, as long as the device is connected by 3.5mm aux out. Universal Bluetooth Pairing model, can connect most of bluetooth headsets or other brand intercom.

Like the concave-convex interface suitable for blind operation. For hands-free calls, One button to answer/hangup/refuse/redial calls. For enjoy music, Easy to play / pause / back / continue, Easy to Handle with Glove-Wearing. Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium polymer 900mAh. Standby Time: About One Week.

Operating Time: 12 to 20 hours. Package Contents(as picture shown). 2.5mm to 3.5mm×1. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Home Improvement\Home Security\Door Entry Systems & Intercoms".autokit" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States.
  • Package Includes: 2x M1-S Pro Intercoms
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Intercom Size: 8.8*4.0*2.5cm
  • Feature 3: Crystal-Clear Sound Quality,Hi-Fi speakers
  • Feature 2: Full duplex 8 Riders Group talking at the same time,8-way
  • Feature 5: Enjoy the music through bluetooth enable cell phone/MP3/GPS.
  • Feature 4: Call out/answer/reject/hang up,Last number redial
  • Feature 7: Noise Reduction & Waterproof
  • Bluetooth and chips: BT V4.1,CSR BC8
  • Feature 6: Universal Bluetooth Pairing
  • Feature 9: Hard mic with soft mic , suitable for all kinds helmets
  • Feature 8: 900mAh Long Standby Battery
  • Brand: Fodsports
  • Type: Motorcycle Helmet Intercom
  • Feartrue 1: 2000M Maximum Distance,up to 120km/h working speed
  • Model: M1-S PRO
  • Features 14: Easy and firm installation, won't damage your helmet
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Feature 16: Listen music/audio from bluetooth music device
  • Feature 15: Easy and firm installation, won't damage your helmet
  • Features 10: Power detection function, low power notification
  • Features 11: with Bluetooth 4.1 version

M1-S Pro 2000M Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmet Headset 8 Riders Interphone    M1-S Pro 2000M Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmet Headset 8 Riders Interphone