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Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino

Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino
Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino
Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino
Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino
Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino
Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino

Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino  Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino

Professional's Choice Comfort Fit Contoured Air Ride Pad - BARONA Color: Black / Purple (I think this is a gorgeous pad) Core: HD 3/4 Air Ride Underside Lining Material: Merino Wool Size: 33x38 (first number measures front to rear). Heavy Duty version with a 3/4 SMx Air Ride Core -- ideal for Roping, Show, Pleasure Riding. Size: 33"x38" (first number is length front to rear) AS AN AUTHORIZED DEALER OF THIS PRODUCT WE ARE COMMITTED TO SERVING YOU.... We've been in retail for some time.... Picking the correct pad can be difficult...

To help, i've placed some articles and the results of a 1 year independent study showing several different pads... You'll be happy to see that the prof choice pad was the best as well as the most durable.

SMx Air Ride Heavy Duty Saddle Pad. The Comfort Fit Barona Pattern in this listing uses the SMx H. (Heavy Duty) Air Ride Core inside the Saddle Pad with a hand woven 100% wool Navajo blanket top. This impressive heavy-duty SMx Air Ride core protects your horses back from pressure.

In addition, it has a merino wool lining and conforms to the horses back for maximum comfort. Air Ride Barona Pads are constructed with a stylish 100% wool Navajo blanket top that is densely woven to ensure durability and to prevent saddle slippage. Wools natural elasticity is a result of its fibers ability to stretch and return to their natural form, extending its lifespan. Each pad is also lined with high quality felt to keep your horse comfortable.

This is a top of the line pad suited for show, trail riding or general use if you just like to look good on your horse. Like all of our Air-Ride saddle pads, the SMx® H. Breathable Allows air to circulate in all directions so the horse feels less heat and cools off faster.

Heavy-duty Core 3/4 SMx Material Protects the horse's back from demanding types of riding. Pressure-Distributing Energy is dispersed throughout the core, evenly distributing weight from saddle and rider.

Compression-Resistant Withstands repeated stress while maintaining its strength and structure. Lightweight and Flexible Supple, lightweight and conforms to the horses back.

Here's some articles on saddle pads you may be interested in. The patented SMx Air Ride core material allows air to circulate in every direction resulting in accelerated heat and moisture evaporation, making it highly breathable. As the horse sweats, the sweat coats the waterproof beads and the airflow actively accelerates evaporation, cooling and drying. Your horse will feel less heat and cool off faster, increasing overall performance. The padding also has a unique shock absorbing ability. Excess energy from impact is deflected throughout the pad and away from the horses back, lessening pressure. This prevents pressure points from forming and gives an even, comfortable ride.

Scientific testing has proven it to be remarkably compression-resistant even under the most demanding use, making it exceptionally durable and long lasting. By placing the SMx Air Ride technology into our saddle pads, the pads deliver a ride that is unsurpassed in smoothness for both horse and rider alike.

The SMx Air Ride saddle pads relieve pressure from the most sensitive areas of a horses back and distribute the weight of saddle and rider evenly over the entire pad. SMx Air Ride pads are not only shock absorbent and lightweight but also breathable thus epitomizing the Professional's Choice motto, The more comfortable the horse, the better the performance. Professionals Choice is the only company of equine merchandise that continually invests a tremendous amount of research into our current products. If you see our name on a product, you can be assured that it contains the finest materials, has been tested over and over, and will work for you.

We are constantly in search of new designs and technologies to apply to our products. Yes, we love our current products, but in our continued pursuit of excellence, innovation is a key component of the Professionals Choice philosophy. Kansas State University Study Puts Professional's Choice SMx Air Ride Pads On Top The results of KSUs year long study were finally published allowing Professional's Choice to promote what they knew all along that the SMx Air Ride Saddle pad was the best on the market! Professional's Choice, well know for scientifically testing its products, had already put the SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad through an exhausting study and series of tests using the Force Sensing Array (FSA) system and in rigorous field trials before its release in January of 2004.

The results were even better than expected and showed positively that the SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad was beneficial for the horse. The new study by KSU evaluated six leading saddle pads from various makers over the course of a year for properties such as compression resistance, pressure distribution and wicking. It was conducted by Erica D. Wesley, MS with oversight by Dr. Elizabeth McCullough, PhD Kansas State University Institute for Environmental Research.

Again, the results were very favorable for Professional's Choice and the SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad, while some of the other makers suffered some disappointing results. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the performance of western equine saddle pads before and after extended use. The pads were tested new, then were used for several months and re-evaluated for the same properties after use. The FSA system containing 256 sensors was used to evaluate the pressure distribution under the pads and average level of peak pressures exerted during riding. Dead weight testing and heat and moisture evaporation tests were also used.

Saddle pads with high peak pressures can be potentially harmful to the horse and those with poor wicking capabilities can lead to overheating. The study came to the following conclusions about Professional's Choice pads: The SMx Air Ride displayed superior performance with the lowest peak pressures and standard deviation. Additionally, this pad exhibited superior wicking properties both before and after use.

Finally, the Wrangler® SMx Air Ride , which showed the most improvement in pressure testing from before - to after use, and along with the SMx Air Ride, exhibited the best performance in peak pressure elimination and pressure distribution after use. The SMx Air Ride maintained the highest wicking rate of all pads. Professional's Choice Leading the industry for the first 30 years was just the beginning. Science Drives Professional's Choice Products.

Professionals Choice does not just make claims. We take a scientific approach to our designs and engineered materials, examine the facts, and then listen to the consumers who are our ultimate judges. We are proud to have been the first equine company to have our equipments tested by the engineering departments of leading universities.

The SMx Air Ride pad was tested with a computerized sensor pad equipped with 225 pressure sensors that mapped both static (still) and dynamic (moving) pressure distributions. After placement on the back of the horse underneath the SMx pad, tests showed the SMx Air Ride pad to be incredibly shock absorbent, as it evenly distributed weight from saddle and rider throughout the core. These findings are what convinced me to use the prof choice pads on my own horses. In looking at the colored pressure charts below you want to see even distribution and low pressure (purple/blue color) which is what the prof choice pad provides.

The competitor's pads you'll see do not provide this same performance. What makes this impressive is it was a 1 year study conducted at a university. (see pressure chart in pictures). The item "Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino" is in sale since Friday, April 5, 2019. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Equestrian\Western Saddles & Tack\Saddle Pads".

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  • Riding Style: Western
  • Color: Black Purple
  • Air Ride Core Thickness: Heavy Duty 3/4"
  • Model: CXHDBA-33BLA/PUR
  • Modified Item: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Material: Wool
  • Pad Underside Material: Merino Wool
  • Bundle Listing: No
  • Style: Barona Comfort Fit
  • Product Type: Barona Saddle Pad
  • Type: Saddle Pad
  • Brand: Professional's Choice
  • Design: Contoured

Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino  Professional's Choice Barona Black Purple Comfort Fit Air Ride Saddle Pad merino